The Aftercare

Okay so now you have your new tattoo…Onto the healing process we go.

Brow Tattoo Aftercare

You will be provided with a kit after your session containing aftercare that you will be using for the next 10 days.

  • After your appointment your new tattoo will produce clear lymph fluid. Every 30mins for the next 2 hours post appointment, blot the brows with a clean cotton round (or tissue) to remove excess fluid. This will help reduce scabbing
  • Within a 2-3 hours post appointment, wash your brows with the aftercare soap:

OUTSIDE of the shower, wash you hands and take 1 pump of soap using a soft sweeping motion in the direction of hair growth, about 3 passes is enough..DO NOT RUB.
Rinse VERY thoroughly using cupped hands with COOL water and pat dry with a paper towel. Do not soak the brows just using the water to gently remove any soap residue. Then apply a rice grain amount of After Inked lotion to each brow. 

  • Wash and lotion in this way every morning and night for 10days.
  • No getting them wet other than when washing OUTSIDE of the shower. No saunas, swimming, spas, sweaty exercise, or putting your head under the shower head.
  • No makeup, facial wash, serums, moisturisers etc directly on the tattoo for 2weeks. After that please avoid using acne or anti ageing creams on the brows as this will prematurely fade them.
  • No direct sunlight for 2 wks. After this always wear spf to reduce fading.
  • After 2 days post procedure you can restart any fish oil, blood thinners, aspirin, ibuprofen.
  • If you notice any extreme redness or swelling or signs of infection, please do not hesitate to contact your health care provider.

Day 1-3 your brows may be darker and bolder
Day 3-7 they may lightly flake(do not pick)
Day 7-14 you may find your brows have disappeared
Week 3-6 welcome back brows
If this is your first visit any tweaks needed will be made at the touch up, otherwise your good to go for another year.