The Facial Treatments

I am a firm believer in treating the skin in a holistic way both inside and out, focusing on the cause of what it is going through and treating according to what it is telling me.

I have designed this facial menu with this in mind and will always assess your skin each visit to ensure it gets what it needs at this moment in time.

The Tailored Facials are my Original Signature Facials and all you need to do is select the amount of time you would like to spend with me for your session and I will work out the rest.

When booking you will be asked what your current main concern is and then that will give me an idea of what you would like to focus on but then I will assess and consult and determine with you the best course of action for your skin needs and concerns.

The Tailored facials can include any modality I feel necessary for your goal including Enzyme Exfoliants/Peels, Ultrasonic, AHA/BHA Peels, Facial Cupping, Gua Sha, Sculptural Massage, Cream Masks, Hydrojelly Masques. (Does not include however Dermaplaning, Prin Lympahtic Therapy or Microneedling)

If you are unsure of what your skin requires or are new to facials The Tailored Eighty is the best place to start. This allows enough time so we can treat straight away to get you started on your journey and plan the rest from there. 

The Light Therapies utilise the power of medical LEDs specifically designed for treating the skin at a cellular level. 

Lying under the canopy of tiny LEDs of the Medically Certified Dermalux Flex MD and you feel as though you are relaxing on a tropical island all the while treating a large array of skin conditions.

With 3 clinically proven wavelengths of Blue 415nm, Red 630nm and Near InfraRed 833nm, that can be used alone or in conjunction with each other simultaneously (only available with the Dermalux by the way) we can achieve amazing visible results within the look and feel of the skin by working at a cellular level. 

Quickest results for major skin concerns will be achieved through Power and Booster Plans which involve 1-3 treatments per week. The Light Essential can be had alone or add it to your Brow and lash appointments for an express treat. The Light Fantastic is perfect for when you need that Lil something more, or add as a boost to any other skin service for added affects. 

The Prin Lymphatic Therapy Facials are designed for all skin types and concerns to restore skin functionality and health. Working with the circulatory and lymphatic systems to bring increased nutrients and oxygen to the facial skin cells plus drain away any excess toxins and waste buildup in the cells to provide a skin workout like no other.

Lymphatic Therapy is especially helpful when the skin is going through any kind of imbalance whether that be acne/congestion, skin ageing, vascular, dehydration, pigmentation, increased inflammation, or dull stressed skins...Pretty much all of us am I right 😏

Out of the two options I always advise to begin with Level One unless you have completed the Flow State Home Kit as the In Studio sessions can be intense if you are just starting out. Think of it like the Couch to 5K Challenge...You need to build the foundations first.

 The Microneedling Essentials are our way of aiding and speeding up the skins own natural desire to regenerate and repair.

We can harness this ability to work for us in treating a wide range of skin conditions from acne scarring to pigmentation, vascular, ageing, and deep lines and wrinkles. Or to just keep the skin on the right track as we age.

Performed using the Exceed TGA Approved Medical Needling device and individual sterile needles that move and contour to the landscape of your bone structure for the most Effie ect, precise and comfortable form of skin needling available. 

Finished with a Soothing Bio Cellulose Mask(which you are given to take home after for another 3hrs of use) and Ice Globes to replenish, calm and cool. And to top that off a shoulder massage to really get the best of both worlds of results and pampering in one.

The Essential Plus décolleté includes needling to the area plus a custom in studio mask as well.

The Dermaplane Facials provide a controlled level of exfoliation with the added benefit of removing the soft downy peach fuzz of the face and upper neck.

The two options on offer allow the choice of an express exfoliation or a little more tailored which includes an added enzyme treatment and customised mask + serum infusion.

There is virtually no downtime with this procedure and offers the perfect smooth canvas for makeup application.


With this wide range of therapies and homecare, and more to come, my aim is to treat whatever skin concern you may have.

So come on in, I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your skin journey xx